Tucker Motorcycle Accident Injuries Lawyer

Motorcyclists face injury risks that are far greater than those that other motorists may endure. In some cases, a crash could result in permanent or fatal injuries. If you have suffered severe injuries following a motorcycle crash, an experienced motorcycle wreck attorney could help you file a claim for damages against the negligent party. Additionally, the guidance of a Tucker motorcycle accident injuries lawyer could make the difference in maximizing your financial recovery.

Potential Motorcycle Injuries

While a collision involving two moving vehicles has the potential to be devastating, motorcycle crashes routinely result in serious bodily harm. Motorbikes offer little in the way of protection from a crash, especially when a motorcyclist collides with a larger vehicle. If an individual suffers severe injuries following a motorcycle accident, they could benefit from discussing their legal options with a practiced attorney in Tucker.

Some bikers suffer severe bodily harm from the impact of another car. Due to the lack of padding or protection, the motorcyclist’s body takes on the brunt of the accident. The force of this impact could lead to a variety of traumatic and significant injuries.

Motorcyclists also risk injury if they fall off of their bike in a collision. When a rider makes contact with the pavement, not only could the fall result in serious harm, but the friction of someone sliding across the road could lead to severe damage to the motorcyclist’s skin. This injury is commonly referred to as road rash. Some other common injuries following a motorcycle crash may include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Neck trauma
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations and bruises

Potential Recoverable Damages

When an injured claimant files a personal injury lawsuit, they could recover monetary compensation for their out-of-pocket expenses related to their crash in addition to other losses. An experienced motorcycle wreck injuries attorney in Tucker could review an individual’s losses and determine the types of damages they may be eligible to pursue.

Medical Bills

In some instances, the medical bills following a motorcycle accident could be significant. Compensation may be able to cover more than the cost of an emergency room visit. If successful at trial, an attorney could recover compensation for the plaintiff’s physical therapy, chiropractic care, follow-up doctor visits, and additional medical care costs.


When burns or other injuries from a wreck cause permanent disfigurement, a plaintiff could recover compensation. These awards are designed to compensate an injured motorcyclist based on the impact the disfigurement may have on their future quality of life.

Pain and Suffering

A plaintiff also could seek to recover compensation for their physical pain and suffering. While there is no standard method to determine the value of pain and suffering, these damages may be a multiple of the claimant’s total medical bills.

Speak with a Tucker Motorcycle Accident Injuries Attorney

The bodily harm resulting from a motorcycle accident can have devastating and permanent consequences. Even less severe injuries may cause significant hardship due to the expense of treatment.

A Tucker motorcycle accident injuries lawyer could help move your claim forward. While you focus on recovering, your attorney could build a case and handle any legal obstacles. To discuss your claim at length, schedule a consultation today.