Tucker Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists

To ensure the protection of motorists and pedestrians, police enforce a wide array of traffic laws. These regulations cover everything from the way you must drive to the equipment on your vehicle. For motorcyclists, there are additional requirements that do not apply to other motor vehicles.

The violation of a traffic law can result in more than a fine. When a violation causes a motorcycle accident, it can alter a claimant’s ability to recover monetary damages. An attorney could discuss the Trucker traffic laws for motorcyclists and advise you on how to avoid violating these regulations.

Important Motorcycle Laws

These regulations cover every aspect of a motorcycle, from the size of their muffler to the necessity of protective eyewear. While these traffic laws in Tucker are designed to protect the safety of motorcyclists and other motorists, they can also play an essential role in a lawsuit.

Helmet Laws

According to Official Georgia Code Annotated §40-6-315 (a), all motorcyclists and passengers must wear a pre-approved protective headgear when riding. Additionally, when a motorcycle lacks a windshield, a rider also must wear protective eyewear that has been approved by the Georgia Commissioner of Public Safety.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting involves a motorcycle driving down the centerline of a four-lane road, traveling in between the lanes of traffic. This process is common in other countries but is rarely legal in many American jurisdictions. O.G.C.A. §40-6-312 outlaws lane splitting and driving on the shoulder.

Full Use of the Lane

Despite only taking up a portion, a motorcyclist is entitled to take up the entire lane of traffic in which it is traveling. According to state law, motorists may not deny the full use of a lane to a rider. The statute also allows motorcyclists to travel side-by-side in a single lane.

How Can Motorcycle Regulations Impact a Claim?

In some Tucker accident cases, violations of these motorcycle traffic regulations could result in a fine. However, when a violation leads to a wreck, this misconduct could significantly impact an injured party’s claim for damages.

To succeed at trial, an attorney must show a jury that the other driver negligently caused the motorcycle wreck. In some cases, evidence that a motorist violated a traffic law could persuade a jury that the opposing party was negligent. For instance, if a driver interfered with a motorcyclist’s right to occupy a lane, a jury may find them at fault. However, a jury also may determine that the injured motorcyclist caused their accident because they were lane splitting.

It is important to note that claimants must attempt to mitigate their damages when possible. For example, if a biker was not wearing protective headgear at the time of their accident, the defendant could argue that by failing to wear a helmet, the claimant made their injuries worse.

Discuss Traffic Regulations for Motorcyclists with a Tucker Attorney

Tucker traffic laws for motorcyclists play an important role in the safety of everyone on the road and injury claims. When a driver fails to comply with traffic laws or safety regulations, an injured motorcyclist could file a claim against them for damages. For more information, schedule a case consultation with one of our attorneys today.