Common Pedestrian Accidents in Tucker

Common pedestrian accidents in Tucker tend to occur if a motorist fails to take proper precautions when driving. These accidents have the potential to lead to permanent, if not fatal, injuries to individuals. If you were struck by a motor vehicle and forced the visit the emergency room, you should speak with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney who could advise you of your legal rights and options.

Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Motorists are required to obey traffic signs and signals and exercise due care at all times behind the wheel. A driver’s failure to do so can be particularly dangerous for nearby pedestrians who lack protection from the forceful impact of a motor vehicle.

When a car collides with a person, the pedestrian may suffer significant and costly injuries. Pedestrian accidents in Tucker most commonly occur for a variety of reasons.

Distracted Driving

When a driver takes their eyes off the road, even momentarily, the outcome can prove disastrous. A pedestrian with or without the right of way can dart out in front of a distracted driver and get badly injured.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs greatly reduces reaction times and impairs one’s ability to operate a motor vehicle in general. An inebriated driver can easily overlook a pedestrian in the road, especially at night or in poor weather conditions.


Traveling over the speed limit is a traffic violation and a form of reckless driving dangerous to pedestrians.

Failure to Yield or Stop

When a motorist fails to yield to an individual who has the right of way or rolls through a stop sign can have devastating consequences for someone who is not paying full attention.

Inclement Weather

Poor weather conditions like rain, snow, or fog, can impair a driver’s ability to see people in the road. Additionally, inclement weather inhibits a motorist’s ability to slow down or stop before hitting someone.

State Law Pertaining to Pedestrians

In Tucker, both motorists and pedestrians are required to obey specific traffic laws designed to prevent collisions between the two parties. Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-6-91 requires drivers to stop at all marked crosswalks to permit pedestrians near or crossing the intersection. Similarly, people have an obligation to avoid stepping into oncoming traffic that is traveling too fast to stop.

Additionally, according to O.C.G.A. § 40-6-92, anyone who crosses a road outside of a marked crosswalk generally must yield to all passing traffic before it is safe to do so. These, along with other Tucker regulations, are important tools that help avoid common accidents related to pedestrian and motor vehicle collisions.

Speak with a Tucker Attorney to Learn More About Common Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents remain a serious problem with a connection to a handful of common causes, such as distracted and careless driving. For more information on common pedestrian accidents in Tucker, confer with a legal professional. An attorney could advise you about your rights. Call today to schedule an initial case consultation.