What to do After a Tucker Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian who is struck and injured by a motorist may, depending on how the accident happened, have the ability to pursue compensation from that driver or their insurance company. Being struck even by a relatively slow-moving automobile can cause a pedestrian to sustain serious or even fatal injuries.

However, it can be difficult to understand what to do after a Tucker pedestrian accident. Fortunately, an experienced and skilled attorney could guide you throughout the claims process if you are seeking legal action after getting hit by a car.

Seek Treatment

In Tucker, one of the most important steps to take following a pedestrian accident is seeking medical attention. If they are able to do so, the pedestrian should immediately dial 911 or ask someone else on the scene to call emergency personnel. If the pedestrian is unconscious or otherwise impaired, the motorist or other witnesses to the accident have a legal obligation to place a call for immediate medical assistance.

Document Injuries Following a Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian struck by a car in Tucker should describe their injuries to the relevant medical professionals as fully as possible after an accident. Documenting injuries and the effect they have on a potential claimant’s quality of life is vitally important because it can lay the groundwork for subsequently proving damages in either settlement negotiations or litigation.

Contact the Police

Promptly calling the Tucker police after a pedestrian accident can be advantageous as a police report may contain detailed information on how the collision occurred. An attorney may be able to use the details in a police report to demonstrate how a defendant may be liable and how much compensation an injured party should receive.

Refrain from Speaking with the Motorist’s Insurance Company

It is important to note that an injured pedestrian should not speak with the driver’s insurance company before consulting a well-versed legal professional. This is because anything an individual may say can potentially be used against them in subsequent legal proceedings. Additionally, a claimant should refrain from signing any documents provided by the insurance company or accept any settlement offers until they can consult with qualified legal counsel.

Speak with a Norcross Lawyer to Discuss What to Do Following a Pedestrian Accident

Being struck by a car can be a traumatizing experience, leaving you with serious injuries and considerable uncertainty about what to do. Such an accident also can lead to long-term psychological and financial challenges that may not be readily apparent in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic experience.

Fortunately, an attorney could explain what to do after a Tucker pedestrian accident and take care of all the heavy lifting while you focus on healing and getting better. It is important to consult with a legal professional as soon as possible because this could prevent you from saying or doing anything that could jeopardize your case. Contact a lawyer at the 770-GOOD-LAW firm today to begin exploring your legal rights and options.