Tucker Truck Accident Lawyer

A moment in time is all that is needed to change a person’s life forever, especially when it comes to roadway accidents involving commercial trucks. These massive vehicles weigh several tons and almost always inflict massive damage on any other vehicles they come into contact with. Needless to say, this can have a devastating impact on the people inside these smaller cars.

However, just because a person is injured in a truck accident does not mean that they automatically have a valid civil claim. As with any other accident on the road, an injured plaintiff seeking damages after a truck wreck needs to prove that the defendant was at fault. Typically, this means demonstrating legal negligence.

A Tucker truck accident lawyer could help you collect evidence of reckless or careless behavior and pursue the compensation needed to make things right. Depending on your circumstances, this may include payments for medical bills, lost earnings, and mental anguish, among various other damages.

What Does It Mean to Be Legally Negligent?

Most truck accidents are the result of negligence. In a legal context, this means that the defendant in the case did not mean to cause any harm, but due to their carelessness or recklessness, an injury nonetheless occurred. To prove a defendant was negligent, a plaintiff must prove the existence of four distinct elements of legal negligence.

First, they must establish that the defendant owed them a duty of care. This simply means that the defendant had a responsibility to protect them from harm. All truck drivers—and indeed, all motorists—assume this duty whenever they get behind the wheel, so this element is almost always present in a truck accident case.

Second, a plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant breached this duty in some way. The simplest way to do this is often to show that the defendant truck driver violated a rule of the road. Incidents involving speeding, texting while driving, or even drunk driving are prime examples of negligent behavior in this regard. Likewise, a police report stating that the responding officer gave the trucker a ticket following the accident can be powerful evidence of negligence.

Next, a plaintiff needs to causally connect the defendant’s actions to the accident. This is the stage at which a Tucker truck accident attorney typically provides the most help, since demonstrating that a defendant is directly responsible for a crash occurring can be surprisingly tricky depending on the case.

Finally, the plaintiff must show they suffered a physical injury due to the wreck the defendant caused. This is usually a simple matter of reporting to an emergency room that the injuries were caused by a truck accident and having the doctor who provides treatment confirm that fact through formal documentation. Any injury of any severity may qualify for this purpose, so long as it requires formal medical care to treat.

The Role of an Attorney

Truck accident cases can be notoriously complex. For instance, a plaintiff must be sure to name all possible defendants, a list which could include the truck driver, that driver’s employer, and multiple insurance companies. A failure to choose the correct defendant(s) could severely limit potential compensation.

A plaintiff must also be sure to collect evidence for their case as quickly as possible. Weather conditions, witness statements, and even traffic patterns change rapidly after an accident, making documentation of these factors potentially critical to a case’s success. A case may also be complicated by a defendant’s insurance company, which may attempt to convince plaintiffs to settle claims for a fraction of their value or drop the case altogether.

In a similar vein, a plaintiff must also be sure to meet the state’s statute of limitations. According to Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33, plaintiffs must file any case alleging personal injury no more than two years from the date of the incident. A truck crash lawyer in tucker could work to handle all the aforementioned details of an accident victim’s case while they focus on their recovery.

A Tucker Truck Accident Attorney May be Able to Help

The actions you take in the days and weeks following a truck accident are often vital to your health and economic future. In the face of severe injuries and the debilitating financial cost that may accompany them, it is essential to act quickly to protect your rights.

One positive step forward may be to work with a Tucker truck accident lawyer. An attorney from the 770-GOOD-LAW firm could help you gather the evidence needed to prove that a trucker and/or their parent company were negligent, all while helping you manage car rental and repair services without charging you extra for the services. Schedule an initial consultation by calling today.