Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Tucker

Big rigs are a common sight on Georgia highways. With more truckers comes a greater chance of getting into an accident with these semis, especially when we are in one of their blind spots and the driver cannot see us. The ensuing wreck may not only total our cars but leave us with debilitating injuries. After being in a blind spot truck accident in Tucker, you may need a seasoned local attorney to advocate for your rights and help you obtain just compensation for your injuries.

Understanding 18-Wheeler Blind Spots

Most vehicles have small, limited blind spots, or no-zones, down the sides of their vehicles. These are areas where the trucker cannot see what is next to or behind them. Tractor-trailers are different. The height and length of semis create multiple no-zones: in-front of the cab, behind the trailer, and down both sides. The side blind spots can encompass one to two travel lanes.

When smaller cars and trucks enter these no-zones, they disappear from the semi driver’s vision. This inability to see vehicles in these areas can easily translate into an accident, especially if drivers tailgate or cut too closely in front of the cab. The damage from these blind spot wrecks may be significant because the driver has little time or does not know of the need to take evasive action.

While most drivers exercise caution to avoid placing themselves in a situation that will lead to an accident, it is not always possible. When a collision occurs, experienced attorneys may help those harmed achieve adequate compensation through negotiations with insurance companies or, if necessary, represent them in court.

Compensation Available in Tucker

Persons involved in blind spot big rig accidents may recoup both economic and noneconomic harm. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated §§ 51-12-1, -12-2, & -12-4 describe the types of damages available to claimants. Special damages reimburse monetary expenses and losses, such as medical bills, therapy costs, lost wages, and vehicle damage. General damages do not require proof of an amount because they are subjective; they focus on the suffering that follows the harm done – mental anguish, pain, anxiety, loss of consortium, and the inability to enjoy life. Accident lawyers who regularly practice in this area may help represent no-zone injury plaintiffs accurately access their damages and take steps necessary to achieve that recovery.

Limitations on Restitution in Georgia

Although Georgia has not imposed a statutory cap to compensatory damages, other rules may affect the amount a claimant collects by either reducing the amount recoverable or barring the case from moving forward.

To pursue compensation, an injured party must raise allegations of wrongdoing within two years of the accident, as required by Georgia Code § 9-3-33. If they fail to file a complaint within this time frame, they risk having their case dismissed. Even if the injured party assumes that the matter will resolve through settlement, filing within this window may encourage continued negotiations as proceeding with a lawsuit remains possible.

Another way a claimant may forfeit their ability to recover damages is if they shoulder most of the blame for the accident. Under Georgia Code § 51-12-33, all parties to a blind spot truck collision must assume responsibility for their share of the fault, and injured persons may recover for only that percentage attributable to other parties. However, if the claimant bears 50 percent or more of the blame, Georgia Code § 51-12-33(g) states that they may not recover anything.

Working with a seasoned litigator, those suffering injuries in blind spot 18-wheeler wrecks may avoid such reductions or outright bars to damages.

Reliable Representation for Your Blind Spot Truck Wreck in Tucker

The most effective way to escape a blind spot truck accident in Tucker is to avoid no-zones, but it is not always possible when driving on our busy streets and highways. These collisions can be costly to you and your family – physically, emotionally, and financially. By calling our dedicated team of injury lawyers today, we can start working on a plan to secure satisfactory compensation for you.