Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Tucker

The sheer size of 18-wheelers makes any accident involving them a scary situation. However, when big rigs carry loads above federal or state requirements, the risk of devastating harm to others on the road increases dramatically.

Overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Tucker may cause mayhem on the roadway and may result in the maiming or death of those involved. If you or a loved one was an involuntary participant in such a wreck, you should consider retaining legal counsel. With skilled representation, you may find the process of seeking a just recovery less overwhelming.

Big Rig Weight Limits

The reason behind sending an overweight tracker trailer onto Georgia’s highways, or any state’s for that matter, is profit. Trucking enterprises are in the business of getting goods to their destination as quickly and economically as possible. Sometimes, putting too much in a trailer is the way to accomplish that goal.

The Official Code of Georgia § 32-6-26 and Federal government regulation 23 C.F.R. § 658.17 establish safe cargo weight limits. When highway weigh stations are open, truckers must have their trailers checked, and drivers with loads that exceed safety limits may receive fines for noncompliance. At that time, authorities will not impose any further penalties, and rigs continue to their destinations.

The fines imposed for exceeding weight requirements often fail to serve as a deterrent. Many companies view the fines as a risk worth taking in exchange for the revenue gained.

The Perils of Over Packing a Trailer

Consistently overloading a semi-trailer can lead to mechanical fatigue and failure, such as worn-down brakes and tire blowouts. An overweight trailer may also negatively affect how a vehicle handles as cargo shifts inside. These conditions may dramatically increase the amount of time it takes to stop the truck. With an altered center of gravity, drivers are more likely to lose control, especially when turning.

Sometimes, a driver can accommodate the extra heavy load by changing their driving style, but if they cannot, any of the following dangerous situations may arise:

  • Runaway trucks
  • Off-balance turns
  • Rollovers
  • Jackknife rigs
  • Rear-end impacts

These and other mishaps often result in multiple car pileups, putting everyone on the road at risk for serious injury. Tucker accident lawyers may help those injured in overloaded truck wrecks by hold trucking companies responsible for their decisions to put unsafe vehicles on the road.

Insurance Companies as Defendants

Unlike car accident cases, if a trucking accident case goes to trial, Georgia Code §§ 40-1-112(c) & 40-2-140(d)(4) allow plaintiffs to inform jurors that insurance coverage exists and name insurance companies as defendants. These direct-action statutes may allow for verdicts that more fairly reflect the harm done to injured individuals by removing any concerns that juries may have regarding whether defendants can pay fair judgments.

Insurance companies will aggressively defend against liability findings, so those injured in wrecks with overweight 18-wheelers may have a better outcome with an experienced litigator on their side.

Protect Your Interests After an Overloaded/Overweight Truck Collision in Tucker

The harm done by an overloaded/overweight truck accident in Tucker can be life-changing for the injured and their family. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate injury lawyers will give your case personal attention and may help you recoup damages that account for your present and future needs. With one call, we can start developing your plan of attack.