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We are passionate about supporting our Norcross community and finding new ways to be involved with our clients and neighbors.

Client Appreciation Cookout

We could not do the work we do without our clients putting their trust in us and we are grateful for everyone who comes to our firm for help with their legal issues. To thank our clients and to show how much we value them, every client is invited to join us for our annual Client Appreciation Cookout. Every cookout is filled with food, drinks, hourly prizes, music, and more! 

The Good Law Scholarship

In 2019, we created the Good Law Scholarship as a way to encourage students to delve deeper into ethics in the American justice system. Every year we ask students to research ethics and our current legal structure, discuss how ethics are being violated in our justice system, and explain how they can help fight against ethics violations. The student who best discusses their ideas and plans of action will be awarded $1,000 to go towards their higher education. The deadline for this year’s scholarship is January 31, 2021

The Good Teacher Nomination

We believe in the importance of not only fighting for our clients but also in helping them learn about the legal system to better understand their case. We are passionate about education which led us to hold our Good Teacher Nomination. During the nomination, we awarded three teachers with $200 each to help supply their classrooms. We were honored to be able to give back to our community’s educators and thankful for everything they do!


We are always looking for new ways to connect with our neighbors and to support the students in our community. Our firm understands how expensive going back to school can be and we wanted to help. For Kicks4Kids, we encouraged members from across our community to submit nominations for the children in their lives. We learned about how these students gave back to their communities and were told stories about why each child was deserving of winning this award. In the end, 10 pairs of Air Jordans were gifted to 10 hardworking and dedicated students.


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