Collision at Plaza Entrance Due to Obstructed Vision

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Case Overview

The client was driving straight in the left lane of traffic when the defendant, coming out of a plaza on the right, pulled out in front of the client. Despite being initially stopped, the defendant did not see the client approaching because their view was obstructed by a car in the right lane that was turning into the plaza. This resulted in the front of the client's car colliding with the back left side of the defendant's car. The defendant explained that the other car blocked their field of vision. The collision caused the airbags to deploy, and both parties waited for the police to arrive before moving their vehicles. The police took statements from both parties and informed the client that their car was totaled and needed to be towed. The defendant left the scene in an ambulance, while the client left the car at the scene for towing. The client has an appointment scheduled at the Health and Wellness Center in Marietta on Thursday, the 8th.

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Case Outcome

Amount Recovered

This case involved a collision caused by an obstructed field of vision when the defendant pulled out in front of the client's vehicle. The prompt arrival of the police, thorough collection of statements, and clear identification of the cause of the accident helped establish liability. The client's proactive approach in seeking medical evaluation at the Health and Wellness Center ensured proper documentation of any injuries sustained. The solid evidence and police report contributed to a favorable settlement for the client, covering the vehicle loss and any medical expenses.

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