DUI-Related T-Bone Collision with Resulting Injuries

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Case Overview

The client was driving straight through an intersection with a green light when the defendant, coming from the opposite direction, suddenly T-boned the client’s vehicle. The impact caused the client's car to spin out and crash into nearby bushes. The driver’s door was jammed, forcing the client to crawl out through the passenger door. Shortly after, the police arrived on the scene, took statements, and informed the client that the defendant had been arrested for DUI. The client's car was towed away, and the client called a friend for a ride home. That night, around 3 AM, the client began experiencing severe pain. With no doctors available over the weekend, the client waited until Monday, the 1st, to seek treatment at Morning Chiropractic.

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Case Outcome

Amount Recovered

Despite the severity of the injuries and the clear fault of the defendant, who was arrested for DUI, the client faced delays in receiving timely medical care due to the unavailability of doctors over the weekend. This delay highlighted the importance of having access to immediate medical attention after an accident. The client’s commitment to seeking treatment at Morning Chiropractic ensured proper documentation of the injuries, which was crucial for their case. The thorough documentation and clear liability led to a fair settlement that addressed the client’s medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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