Elderly Client Injured in Great Wall Supermarket

Case Study

Case Overview

Our client, who is 75 years old, was injured at Great Wall Supermarket on Wednesday, March 1. An employee, while pushing a cart inside the supermarket, accidentally struck the individual's ankle, causing a fall and resulting in injuries to the ankle and back. An ambulance was called, and the individual was taken to the hospital. Great Wall Supermarket acknowledged the incident and documented it in a report. Following the incident, the individual also experienced pain in the back and neck, affecting sleep. Observations showed significant difficulty walking, necessitating assistance from family members. The individual is currently undergoing treatment with a doctor and is covered by private insurance.

Coverage available

Great Wall Supermarket of GA, Inc.

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Case Outcome

Amount Recovered

The case has been settled, providing the injured party with necessary compensation for the injuries and ongoing pain endured. This settlement ensures continued access to medical care and support needed for recovery.

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