T-Bone Collision Leads to Severe Injuries and Property Damage

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Case Overview

The client and a friend were driving straight when the defendant made a left turn in front of their car, causing a T-bone collision. The impact forced the client's car into a neighborhood brick sign, completely breaking it. Airbags deployed, and both the client and friend experienced dizziness and pain all over their bodies. They exited the vehicle, and the client called the police. The defendant and client did not speak to each other. Police, fire, and EMS arrived at the scene to evaluate the client and friend. The client received the police report number but was unable to obtain the defendant's insurance information. Both the client and friend went to Emory Hillandale Hospital ER for further evaluation and treatment.

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Case Outcome

Amount Recovered

The defendant's insurance, Loya, was extremely difficult when it came to communication. Despite this hurdle, we were able to still get our client a proper settlement.

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