Norcross Bus Accident Lawyer

Thousands of people ride buses daily, from commuters to school children to long-distance travelers. Many people enjoy the bus as a way to get around without fighting traffic and trust that their driver will act safely and follow traffic laws. However, when a bus gets into a collision, passengers inside the bus—as well as drivers in other vehicles—could be severely injured.

If a driver’s negligence caused your pain and suffering, it may be worthwhile to retain a personal injury attorney who could help you file suit for damages. Contact a Norcross bus accident lawyer today to learn more about your legal rights.

The Difficulty of Filing a Bus Injury Claim

An accident with a vehicle as large as a bus can cause serious injuries to surrounding cars because of the bus’s size and weight. Since a bus is several times larger than an ordinary passenger vehicle, victims of a bus collision may sustain catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, broken bones, or spinal injuries.

Passengers traveling inside a bus are especially vulnerable to injuries even in a minor crash, as most buses do not have seatbelts, airbags, or other safety features that protect passengers like a standard car. Since passengers may not be paying attention to the surrounding traffic, they could be highly susceptible to significant injury if they do not brace themselves for a sudden impact.

Bus accident cases can prove to be complicated due to the severity of the injuries and the number of people involved. Additionally, buses are not owned and operated by a single individual, unlike traditional vehicles, meaning victims may need to hold multiple parties accountable for their injuries. Those who wish to ensure that all responsible parties are held liable for their negligence should get in touch with a Norcross bus accident attorney.

Proving Liability in Bus Crashes

Buses are considered “common carriers,” meaning that they provide public transportation for a fee. Common carriers are more heavily regulated than passenger vehicles because they are in charge of the safety of other people.

Liability for a crash would depend on the type of bus as well as the ownership over the bus involved. Common carriers such as private bus companies and charter buses are subject to strict state and federal laws that mandate how drivers should be trained and how vehicles should be maintained. If common carriers violate these rules, victims may be able to file a lawsuit against the bus company or the driver for any injuries that resulted from their negligence.

Accordingly, there may be several people or entities who could be liable for paying damages following a bus accident, including a mechanic if faulty repairs caused the crash. Similarly, if a defective vehicle part was responsible for the accident, the manufacturer of that part may be held liable for damages.

Holding an Employer Accountable for Damages

If a bus driver was poorly trained, overworked, or had a history of driving irresponsibly, a bus wreck lawyer in Norcross could work to hold the company or entity which employed that driver legally responsible. Put another way, employers could potentially be held financially responsible for the negligent acts that their employee committed while on the job.

Whether or not a driver’s employer can be held responsible for a bus accident depends on many factors. These include whether the driver was an employee or a contractor, as well as whether the driver was acting outside the scope of their position.

Accidents Involving Publicly Owned Buses

If a bus is operated by a government entity or a public school, it may be difficult for injured people to file a lawsuit at all. As per Official Code of Georgia §33-24-51, most government agencies or entities have immunity against employee negligence lawsuits, so a person injured in a bus owned by a state or federal organization may not be able to sue unless the government entity waives their sovereign immunity.

Get Help from a Norcross Bus Accident Attorney

Sorting through the contributing factors that caused a bus accident and determining who has liability is a complicated task. For this and many other reasons, obtaining a successful result in your case could require the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney.

When you retain a member of the 770-GOOD-LAW team, you will always take home more money than our fees at settlement. To get started on developing your injury claim, get in touch with a Norcross bus accident lawyer