Norcross Truck Accident Lawyer

Any accident that occurs on major roads in and around Norcross is a serious matter. However, incidents that involve collisions between commercial vehicles and commuter cars can have a devastating impact upon the occupants of the smaller vehicle life.

Any commercial vehicle will dwarf even the largest personal vehicles—and as a result, impart massive forces upon other cars and drivers during a wreck. Severely injured victims may have to seek immediate medical treatment for life-threatening conditions, and in the meantime suffer massive economic losses and reduction in their quality of life.

A Norcross truck accident lawyer could work with you to recover the compensation needed to make things right. Once retained, your personal injury attorney’s sole aim could be to gather evidence that indicates trucker fault and use this evidence to prove allegations of negligence and demand appropriate payment for your losses.

Laws Related to Truck Accidents

Most collisions between commercial trucks and other vehicles are the result of accidents, in which a truck driver did not intend to cause any harm. Still, the law in Norcross and throughout Georgia states that even accidents can be the source of legal liability if a defendant failed in their duty of care to protect the injured party from danger.

This duty forms the core of the legal cause of action called negligence. The concept of legal negligence affirms that people injured in accidents have the right to sue an at-fault party for their losses. A truck driver or trucking company may be legally negligent following an accident when:

  • They violate a common rule of the road such as by speeding, ignoring stop signs, or not using a turn signal
  • They drive while distracted or otherwise impaired
  • They operated beyond the allowed hours
  • They operate an improperly loaded or overweight trailer

A Norcross truck accident attorney could help gather evidence of truck driver and trucking company negligence. Armed with this information, they could make a legally sound claim for compensation—either through a private settlement or a civil court verdict—before the statue of limitations expires. Under Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33, plaintiffs have only two years from the date of an accident to start pursuing a claim, so time is usually of the essence.

What Damages May a Plaintiff Claim in a Truck Accident Case?

The most important matter that any truck accident claim must address is the physical injury endured by the plaintiff. A truck accident could inflict long-lasting or even permanent injuries upon a victim, so a comprehensive claim should demand reimbursement for all costs associated with treating these injuries now and in the future.

In addition to the physical injuries that may result from a truck accident, plaintiffs must also evaluate their economic and non-economic losses. Even a relatively minor incident could cause a person to miss significant time at work and lead to immense pain and suffering, and a truck crash lawyer in Norcross could help an injured plaintiff demand payment for these damages and more.

Speak with a Norcross Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Few incidents in your life could have as devastating an effect as a collision on the road with a commercial vehicle. Tractor trailers, flatbeds, and box trucks are all much larger than any other vehicle, and people involved in a collision are often if they are able to walk away. Whenever such a collision is the fault of the truck driver, you have the right to demand compensation.

Most cases end with a fair settlement without going to court, but if a trial is necessary to get you the compensation that you deserve, your attorney could be ready to fight for you to the very end. As a testament to that dedication, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee at the 770-GOOD-LAW firm that you will receive your case file back with no fees subtracted if you are unsatisfied with your service at any point within the first 30 days.

A Norcross truck accident could take the lead in this process, handling every step from gathering evidence to talking with witnesses, to submitting paperwork in a timely fashion. Call today to discuss your options.