Kicks4Kids Contest
As students headed out to get new school supplies, backpacks, and clothes for the upcoming school year, Alex Nguyen of 770GOODLAW wanted to help out. So, the lawyers at 770GOODLAW...
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Laws Passed July 1 in Georgia: Transportation, Health, Education, Miscellaneous
On July 1st of every year, a series of new laws go into effect. Let's take a look at some of the hundreds of bills and resolutions adopted this year...
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Speeding Crackdown in Georgia Starting July 16th
Georgia and a couple of other states are participating in the second annual Operation Southern Shield, which is a speeding enforcement operation that lasts from July 16th to July 22nd....
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What Georgia’s Hands-Free Law Means
Starting July 1, all GA drivers on any highway or road are prohibited from holding their phone or supporting it with their body at all. Officials have stated that there...
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Client Appreciation Cookout 2018
The Client Appreciation Cookout hosted by our firm on Saturday, December 8th was a great success and we are thankful for the clients, friends and families who braved the cold...
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City Farmers Market in Snellville Grand Opening in October 2018
On the weekend of October 12th, 770 GOOD LAW came out in support of City Farmers' Market Grand Opening and their new Snellville location. City Farmers Market is an Atlanta-based...
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