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Even motorcycle riders who choose to wear a helmet and other protective gear still have relatively little protection in the event of an accident with another vehicle. As a result, even a minor wreck may leave a biker with severe injuries and even more significant financial damages.

Despite this propensity for injury, an injured motorcyclist has the same rights to hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions as any other person. This can include claims for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

A Norcross motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you collect this compensation. More specifically, a personal injury attorney could help you gather vital evidence, create a legal case that places blame on another motorist, and protect your rights in settlement talks and in court.


At the core of any motorcycle accident claim is a physical injury. While these injuries do not need to threaten a person’s life or be permanent in nature, no claim can proceed without medical documentation of an injury and associated medical treatment. Any injury, including cuts and scrapes, concussions, and broken bones, may be the basis for a claim so long as it required medical attention.

However, plaintiffs in motorcycle accident cases may do themselves a great disservice if they only pursue compensation is for medical bills, since a variety of other damages may be available as well. For example, many bikers are forced to miss significant time at work because of their injuries, and a civil claim could demand reimbursement for these lost earnings.

In the same vein, a motorcycle accident claim should attempt to make an accurate accounting of any mental trauma endured in the incident. Many of the common injuries suffered in motorcycle accident cases are very painful and may lead to significant mental distress, including PTSD in particularly severe cases. A Norcross motorcycle wreck attorney could help a plaintiff demand every dollar to which they are entitled, including money for intangible losses like general pain and suffering.


For a motorcycle accident claim in Norcross to be successful, the plaintiff must demonstrate that another driver was directly responsible for the incident. Typically, this means proving legal negligence, a term that only applies in specific situations involving personal injury.

A plaintiff can only pursue a case based on negligence if they can show that a defendant had a duty of care to protect them from harm. Fortunately, all drivers assume this duty whenever they get behind the wheel, so virtually all motorcycle crash claims meet this initial requirement.

Next, a plaintiff must gather evidence that shows how a defendant violated this duty. This can include showing that the defendant was speeding at the time of the accident, failed to stop at a red light, or was following too closely when a sudden stop was necessary.

Finally, a plaintiff must be able to connect their injuries directly to the accident. As part of establishing this causal relationship, plaintiffs should make it clear to all medical providers that they were injured because of a motorcycle accident, so they can properly document all resulting injuries.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Norcross could help prove negligence in settlement talks and at trial, as well as ensure that a plaintiff’s case complies with the relevant statute of limitations. Under Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33, plaintiffs must pursue a case no more than two years from the date of the accident, or else they may be barred from seeking any compensation whatsoever.


A motorcycle accident could have a profound impact on your present circumstances as well as on your future. Even cautious bikers are still at the mercy of other drivers, and these drivers’ negligent habits could result in an accident that changes your life forever.

Whenever another motorist is responsible for an accident, they may carry civil liability to compensate their victims. This can include a responsibility to pay for medical bills, provide compensation for lost wages, and even to pay for any pain endured by the biker.

A Norcross motorcycle accident lawyer could take the lead to pursue these cases for appropriate compensation, and the 770-GOOD-LAW firm in particular will provide continuous communications and updates about your case through group text messages. There is a limited time to file a claim, so call today to let a dedicated attorney get to work for you.


If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, contact the experienced Norcross personal injury attorneys at 700GOODLAW to discuss your case and various legal options that are at your disposal. To learn more and begin your road to recovery fill out the contact box at the top of the page or give us a call.


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