Car Accident With Personal Injury

Case Study

Case Overview

Our client was proceeding straight on Stone Mountain Highway at the junction with Killian Hill Road. At that juncture, the other vehicle executed a left turn, leading to a collision with our client's vehicle. Despite the conflicting reports, our legal team has contested the liability insurance assertion, with witnesses providing testimony indicating that both vehicles had a green light. The client sustained injuries including cuts, bruises on the leg, general soreness, as well as discomfort in the elbow, back, neck, and arm.

Coverage available

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Case Outcome

Amount Recovered

Despite challenges posed by disputed liability and conflicting statements, our team remains committed to delivering excellent service. Moreover, securing all available coverages early in a case is imperative. In this instance, we successfully obtained three settlements of $25,000 each from Liability Insurance Adjusters (LIA), Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Personal, and UIM Vehicle policies.

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