After a car accident, individuals may sustain serious bodily harm. Even injuries that seem minor, such as chest pain, can cost thousands of dollars when x-rays or CT scans are needed. Most people cannot afford to pay for the treatment of these injuries, particularly emergency care. Additionally, because these costs happen suddenly and unexpectedly, individuals do not have a chance to save up for them.

This can be extremely troubling because not only has an individual’s life changed, but they also have significant costs that they did not expect and cannot afford. It is natural for someone to seek advice on how to pay for these expenses following a car accident. However, the answer often lies in their own medical payment coverage.

Medical payment coverage or “Med-Pay” is an optional form of auto insurance. To receive Med-Pay benefits, an individual must purchase this coverage at the same time as their liability insurance policy. However, some drivers choose not to purchase Med Pay because it increases their insurance premiums.

Still, forgoing this coverage can be a mistake. Medical payment insurance can provide many benefits to someone who has been in a car accident, such as health insurance deductibles and co-pays. Additionally, these policies may provide coverage for doctor and hospital visits, surgery, x-rays, prostheses, emergency medical care, and professional nursing services.


One of the benefits of medical payment coverage is that it allows people involved in an accident to receive the compensation they need almost immediately. Georgia is an at-fault auto insurance state, which means that when someone is in a car wreck, they must go through the at-fault driver’s coverage provider to receive benefits.

However, this process takes time. After filing a claim with an insurance company, they may conduct an investigation, send an adjuster out to the accident scene, and try to collect evidence that proves the claimant was at fault. Only after they have exhausted this process will consider paying out a claim. As a result, it can take a lot of time before a claimant receives any compensation. Med-Pay, on the other hand, provides the necessary coverage quickly when an individual needs it.


Medical payments coverage, just like other types of auto insurance, has limits. Drivers can typically choose the amount of coverage that they would like to purchase. Occasionally, when individuals purchase this insurance, they purchase a small amount, thinking this amount could provide the protection they need. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In these situations, any expenses that exceed the coverage maximum must be paid out of pocket.


If you have been in a motor vehicle wreck and are wondering what type of compensation is available, a car accident attorney could help. A lawyer could review your insurance policy and determine if you have medical payment coverage to help pay for your expenses following a car accident. For more information, call today.