Looking For A Career in Law?

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    What is the job of a Team Attorney? Team Attorney shall manage all Personnel in his/her Team and ensure that every part of their block of business is moving forward, according to the Firm’s benchmarks. Core functions of the Attorney include: Consults and sign up clients Sends “no, thank you” letters to prospects that Firm […]


    What is the job of a Paralegal? Paralegal provides support to Senior Paralegal and the Attorney. Under the direction of the Attorney and a Senior Paralegal, resolves routine legal issues. Junior Paralegal assists in preparing legal documents, such as letters to court clerks, summonses, complaints, requests for admissions, interrogatories, and requests for production of documents, […]

  • Case Manager

    What is the job of a Case Manager? Case Manager works independently or with Intern, Team Legal Assistant and Assistant Case Manager to assist Junior Paralegal or Senior Paralegal with all aspects of managing a personal injury file. Core functions of the Case Manager include: Handles Intake Reviews sign-up packages for missing information and gather […]


    What is the job of a Receptionist? Receptionist greets everyone that comes into the office with a smile. Receptionist shall report to COO and work closely with each Team in the office to schedule consultations. Receptionist shall also work closely with all staffs to ensure that phone calls, faxes and mails are being routed correctly […]

  • Legal Assistant

    What is the job of a Legal Assistant? Legal Assistant assists Junior Paralegal or Senior Paralegal with all aspects of administrative tasks. Core functions of the Legal Assistant include: Opens claims with liability carrier(s) and underinsured carrier(s) Assists in mailing client welcoming letters for Case Manager and Attorney within three (3) days of engagement Assists […]