Individuals who have been in a car accident should always obtain a copy of their police report. An accident report is a formal document that may help prove which driver is liable for a crash. Therefore, it can serve as an important piece of evidence if an individual chooses to file a lawsuit for damages with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

It is important to understand that both courts and insurers view the police report as being written by an impartial party, which is why they can be extremely crucial to the outcome of a case. There are a few different methods someone may use to obtain the police report for their car wreck.


When a driver knows which police department responded to their car crash, they can simply visit the station to obtain their accident report. These documents typically cost five dollars. Before visiting the station, an individual should call and ask for the location of their Records Unit. It is also important that this person states what they are looking for to ensure they go to the right place.

People who suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident are advised to wait a few days before visiting the station for their report, as it can take some time for it to be processed. Individuals should understand that they must go to the police, sheriff, or Georgia Highway Patrol station that responded to their crash, even if it is in a different county or city.


In some cases, drivers may not know which police or sheriff department responded to their crash. For this reason, some individuals who were involved in a motor vehicle crash may go online to obtain their police report. holds many accident reports and an individual can purchase these documents for a five-dollar fee.

People who choose to get their accident report online should have some basic information on-hand when they visit the website. It is important to know the date of the accident, the location of the crash, and their car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


Many injured parties speak with local attorneys for help obtaining their police report following a car wreck. Legal professionals are familiar with the various ways to obtain an accident report and can obtain them in a timely manner so that the injured claimant can focus on their recovery.

An attorney also could handle other aspects of a claim, including obtaining other types of evidence such as eyewitness statements and negotiating a compensatory award. If you have been involved in an accident, you do not have to take on your claim alone. Our lawyers could help you obtain your police report following a car crash to support your claim. By contacting an attorney, this may give you the best chance at pursuing the full amount of compensation you deserve. For more information, schedule an initial case consultation today.