How to negotiate a car accident settlement? Car accidents are stressful situations, from dealing with the immediate aftermath of the crash to trying to negotiate with insurance companies, they are not easy to navigate. Many car crash accident victims are also struggling financially, and car insurance companies will provide low settlement offers hoping the driver will accept the offer despite it being low. If you have been injured in an accident and receive a low insurance settlement you have the right to reject the offer and respond with a counteroffer.


If you are in an accident it is important to keep a detailed record of all the costs and losses associated with the accident and/or injuries. All bills and receipts should be kept, this serves as a foundation for negotiations. The best counteroffers have detailed supporting evidence. An attorney could help with this process and alleviate some of the stress when it comes to dealing with insurance agencies.


When a settlement offer is received, the amount offered should be compared with the costs and losses associated with the accident. If the amount offered is unacceptable, then a formal business letter should be sent that asks for a higher demand. This letter should:

  • Clearly state the received offer is unacceptable
  • Provide an acceptable claim number and explain why the counteroffer is more appropriate
  • Include copies of receipts, bills, and confirmation of work absences if applicable

It is important that this letter is written with a professional yet aggressive tone. There might be multiple offers and counteroffers, and it is impossible to predict how long it will take to reach a reasonable compromise in the settlement amount.


Settlement negotiations can be complex to navigate and could be a slow process. To expedite this process, it is recommended to speak to an experienced attorney at 777 Good Law. Our team of lawyers could help review your case and help you through the insurance settlement process. Call today to learn more.