Types of claims from a car accident? The costs that come with a severe car accident can be high. When serious injuries are involved, the medical bills can quickly overwhelm most people. The cost of repairing your motor vehicle could likewise be costly. Facing these expenses together is tough enough, but the financial pressure can be overwhelming if you are also out of work due to your accident.

The good news is that you could be entitled to financial compensation if the other driver caused the accident. In total, there are two types of claims you can file after a car accident. These include personal injury and personal property claims.

Pursuing these claims can be challenging, especially for anyone that has never been involved in litigation before. A driven personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and guide you in your pursuit of compensation.


Of the two types of claims following a car accident, personal injury claims are typically the largest. As the name implies, these claims relate directly to the injuries an individual receives in a car crash. When these car collisions result from the negligence of the other driver, the compensation can be significant.

The focal point of most personal injury claims are the injured driver’s medical bills. These bills can be extensive, even when the injuries are relatively minor. After all, an ambulance ride alone can cost thousands of dollars out of pocket. However, the medical bills available in these claims go well beyond ambulance rides. A plaintiff could also pursue damages for the cost of a hospital stay, physical therapy, acupuncture, or surgical procedures.

Personal injury claims are not limited to compensation for medical bills. Courts may also award damages that are indirectly related to these injuries. This includes compensation for lost wages resulting from a car accident injury. A plaintiff can seek damages for any paychecks they miss due to their injury.

A successful personal injury claim could also result in damages for pain and suffering. There is no simple way to calculate a person’s physical pain, and each person experiences pain differently. These damages are generally tied to the amount of medical bills a person accumulates. The more costly an injury is to treat, the higher a potential pain and suffering claim could be.


The second type of claim that could stem from a car accident is a property damage claim. These claims relate directly to the damage a motorist’s personal property suffers. In the large majority of car crash cases, these claims relate to the damage done to the plaintiff’s vehicle.

A successful claim could result in compensation equal to the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged vehicle. Typically the court will award compensation for a new vehicle if repairs are impossible or unreasonably expensive.


It is not unusual for plaintiffs to pursue both personal injury and property damage claims following a car accident. Usually, the personal injury claim is the central point of a lawsuit given that the potential compensation is higher.

An attorney can review the specifics of your car accident and identify whether you have a valid personal injury or property damage claim. If you prevail on your claim, you could recover damages needed to address your injuries and your damaged property. Contact a personal injury attorney right away to learn more.