There are plenty of compelling reasons to choose bus travel.  It is less expensive than traveling by plane, especially if you are going a short enough distance that you can complete the trip in one day. No matter the distance you are traveling, a bus trip is much less stressful than a car trip. Instead of having to pay constant attention to the action of all the other drivers on the road, you can converse with the people sitting near you, zone out to your music, watch movies on your phone, or sleep.

When you are doing a multi-stop trip with a large group of people, a bus trip makes the most sense, whether the members of your group are a soccer team, a rock band, or a church choir. Of course, traffic accidents can affect any vehicle on the road, including a bus full of passengers. The medical bills from injuries resulting from a bus accident can throw your finances into a tailspin, even if, before the accident, you could afford the time and money to go on a bus trip.

If you are struggling with medical bills after getting injured in a bus accident, contact a Riverdale bus accident lawyer.

Gather Evidence at the Scene of a Bus Accident

In any motor vehicle collision, documenting the scene is crucial. This information helps insurance companies assess damage and determine compensation for injuries or property damage.

Use your phone to photograph the bus inside and out, road obstacles, and any damaged vehicles. Capture visible injuries to refute claims of unrelated incidents. Exchange contact information with fellow passengers who may have relevant photos or videos for insurance claims.

Get an Official Record of Your Accident-Related Injuries

You should go to a hospital emergency room and have your injuries examined immediately after the accident, even if you think that your injuries are minor. There are several reasons that it is worthwhile to do this, even though emergency room wait times can be long if the emergency room is busy and you are among the “walking wounded.”

First, your symptoms might get worse if you do not get treatment. Invisible injuries such as whiplash injury and concussion can result from traffic collisions, and while these injuries do not begin to show symptoms immediately, the pain and other symptoms they cause can last for months. Second, a report from a doctor on the day of the accident is strong proof that your injuries are the result of the accident and not of some other cause, such as a pre-existing medical condition.

Follow Up With People Who May Have Relevant Information About the Accident

Georgia law requires drivers to report accidents to the police if the accidents involve physical injuries or a substantial amount of vehicle damage. Before you file an insurance claim, contact the police department of the city where the accident took place and ask for a copy of the police report. If your bus accident aggravated the symptoms of an old injury, contact your doctors and ask them to send your medical records that show which symptoms you did and did not suffer before the accident.

Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer Sooner Rather Than Later

If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident, then gathering all the documentation you need for a successful insurance claim is a lot of work, even if you are very organized. The sooner you contact a personal injury lawyer, the better. It is a misconception that everyone who contacts a personal injury lawyer about an injury ends up filing a lawsuit.

Bus accident lawsuits are costly and time-consuming, and it is often possible to get the money you need to recover your accident-related financial losses without going to court. A lawyer can help you keep track of all the documents you need to prove your claims.

Even more importantly, a personal injury lawyer can protect you from the misleading questions that insurance claims adjusters ask to trick you into saying things that will give them an excuse to pay you less money for your claim than you need and deserve. If your injuries are severe, you should not give a recorded statement to the insurance company; instead, you should have your lawyer talk to the insurance company on your behalf.

How are Bus Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

A big difference between commercial bus accidents and car accidents is that buses have more passengers, so if it is a single-vehicle accident, dozens of people could get injured. Furthermore, most bus passengers do not wear seatbelts, and the bus does not have an airbag for every passenger seat.

Therefore, there is a substantial risk of serious injuries. Another difference is that most buses belong to companies instead of to private individuals, and therefore, they must carry commercial liability insurance that will cover the insurance claims resulting from accidents where many passengers get hurt.

Contact 770 Good Law About Bus Accident Cases

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